Press Release

Women of SexTech Announces Updated For Us By Us Virtual Membership Community

February 5, 2021 at 12:00PM EST

Women of SexTech Cyber Society membership platform is the leading hub for the next trillion dollar industry of sex technology fostering industry growth, community, education, and research.

Cindy Gallop and Lora DiCarlo among members utilizing Women of SexTech Platform

Today, Women of SexTech, a for us by us organization announced the public launch of its new membership ecosystem that makes it easy for those navigating the field of sex-technology to gain advice from industry experts, network, and collectively pioneer the future of the next trillion dollar arena.  Membership gives each user exclusive access to those who have “been there and done it successfully,” private workshops, personal member profiles, private forums, opportunities to build mentor relationships, and more. The annual fee to become a member is $119 per year which supports the women and femme led sextech movement while building new community resources for both the public and private collective.

In a digital world where censorship is rising, communities are being deplatformed, and payment processors refuse to offer their services, it may seem like sextech is a doomed industry. Sextech experts, professionals, and newcomers are feeling the frustration in attempts to find workarounds that come easily for non-industry counterparts. Alienation caused by the pandemic, the need for like-minded peers while navigating what some might deem too taboo for mainstream discussion, and the search for funding can feel never ending. Whether you’re simply exploring sextech or trying to grow your sextech company, it can sometimes feel like each day there is a new wheel to reinvent.

The Women of Sextech community platform helps sextech professionals navigate the industry more effectively. After joining, it’s clear that sextech is not going anywhere. In fact, it’s growing. Just this past spring sex toy products created by some of our members doubled their average orders, interest in teledildonics spiked, and our 2020 inaugural summer conference attracted international attendance. Engaging in the Women of SexTech community allows anyone interested in helping to build solutions for future generations connect and become a part of the movement.

“I am honored to be the president of an organization that is connecting women navigating the intersections of sex and tech. The sextech industry is often far overlooked and undervalued, and we are here to pioneer the future of sextech. As someone who never quite knew my place in the tech world, Women of SexTech helped me understand my passion, place and importance in the tech industry. I am happy to create a space that empowers and embodies what is needed to radically change the technology world as a whole.” – SX Noir, Co-founder and President of Women of SexTech

How to Get started

To become a part of the movement and help build an accessible private and public ecosystem, visit us online at

“When it first began as a small meetup, the friendship and connection became the cornerstone on which I was able to expand my professional opportunities. Without it I wouldn’t have had the experience of being completely new to the industry to now being able to pioneer its vision. I’ve gained experiences one could have only dreamed about prior to making this investment in myself. It’s an honor to have helped expand upon something I know will change lives just like it did my own.” -Alison Falk, Co-founder and Product Manager of Women of SexTech

“The ability to connect to other women innovating the sexual wellness and pleasure landscape has been invaluable. We look forward to the launch of the new tools to make that process easier and more effective! Thank you WoST for leading the way for women in SexTech!” – Heather C Montgomery Founder & CEO of PleazeMe and Women of SexTech member.

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